Father fights for transgender insurance coverage

(KCRA) A California father is fighting for health care coverage for his transgender daughter.

Brian Condrey’s daughter, Stella, came out as transgender in 2017.

Condrey is an English professor at Yuba College, where transgender benefits are not covered by its health insurance plan.

“It’s unfair. It’s absolutely discriminatory, and quite frankly, in the 21st century, we have a really hard time believing that a California public school would still have something like this,” said Condrey.

Yuba College is part of a group called the Tri-County Schools Insurance Group (TCSIG), which works to get the best rates for members. Condrey says he’s brought up his concerns about his health care plane with TCSIG, but so far, nothing has changed.

The ACLU recently sent a letter to Yuba College and TCSIG, demanding benefits for transgender people be included in the plan.

TCSIG said it will vote on the matter this Friday.

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