Facebook scams in “Southcentral Kentucky”

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. –  Well, it happens all the time. Which means you have to remain vigilant.

Facebook scams are all too common and something that oftentimes people fall for. Across the bottom of the commonwealth you might have seen a Facebook depicting a man with some tools and a caption along the lines of him stealing catalytic converters. Well the image is probably real, but law enforcement are not convinced. News 40 stopped by the Bowling Green Police Department to follow up on the re-post they made concerning the image. 

Ronnie Ward, BGPD’s Public Information Officer, told us that after doing a quick search on the image and name associated with it, he found the same picture all over the world and in different cities, the same man is allegedly stealing catalytic converters.

Ward said most of the time when a post specifically asks you to share or like what’s been posted, it’s likely a scam. Ward said there’s a chance that whoever starts to circulate said post has attached a scam to it in some way to either gain access to your information or solicit something from you at a later time.

Officer Ward offered advice to internet users urging caution and to take a moment to do a little research or ask questions before sharing information or re-posting something that is not clear regarding its origin.