Experts offer tips on self defense

GLASGOW, Ky. – After a woman reported an assault and carjacking at a Barren County business on Thursday, authorities are offering advice on self defense.

Officials said, the incident happened in the parking lot of a Dollar General on Edmonton Road in Glasgow.

Jody Tucker, 18, is accused of striking a woman on the face before stealing her keys and vehicle.

The second suspect is a juvenile female.

Officials said, after a high-speed chase, the suspected vehicle attempted to turn into a residential area.

Officers forced the vehicle off the road to prevent any further risk to the public.

Now, officials are reminding the public how to be safe and alert in their everyday life.

“Putting keys between your fingers all of a sudden you go from just having your bear fist to now you’ve got edged weapons,” said Tim Gray, a self-defense instructor.

One tip is to pay attention to your surroundings and to use everyday objects as a weapon if need be.

“We talk about not limiting yourself in terms of your wardrobe. Your wardrobe maybe a weapon of itself. I talk about it all the time, every now and then a woman likes to get dressed up, put on nice shoes, put on high heels. Use those high heels. I mean those high heels can become a weapon in a heartbeat,” said Gray.

“If you’re approached by somebody or find yourself in a situation where you’re being robbed just cooperate. When you resist you risk the chance of violent action against you,” said Barren County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Houchens.

“What’s most important to you? What has the most value? We always tell folks, ‘your life is the most important thing,’” said Gray.

Tucker is charged with first-degree robbery and fourth-degree assault. Juvenile records in Kentucky are not public.