EXCLUSIVE: Congressman James Comer predicts additional COVID relief for American families

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Kentucky Congressman James Comer voted against the impeachment of President Trump and would like to see the country unified.

Comer, a Republican, would like to see additional COVID relief for Americans in need, he said Thursday in an interview with WNKY.

“Today, I voted against yet another attempt to impeach President Trump,” he said. “With a new President taking office one week from today, it’s time for America to unify as a nation and tackle our biggest challenges.

“But today’s furtherance of Nancy Pelosi’s obsession with impeaching the president will only raise tensions higher and divide Americans further. Without a fair and deliberative hearing in Congress, this rushed impeachment is nothing but a political stunt by Nancy Pelosi just seven days before President Trump leaves office.

“In the interest of national unity, House Democrats must set aside their obsession with partisanship and focus on addressing the needs of the American people.”

Comer, who voted to give the American people a $2000 stimulus check in place of the smaller $600 check, sees the possibility of more stimulus relief coming under the Biden administration and said he wants to see the economy open back up.

Comer, a resident of Glasgow, also shared his opinions on the public call for Governor Andy Beshear’s impeachment stating that while he does not support much of what the governor has done, he does not believe Beshear has committed any impeachable offense.