Excessive Force: Officer resigns after throwing 11-year-old to the ground

(KOB) A veteran Farmington, New Mexico police officer is out of a job following accusations he used excessive force on a middle school student with special needs.

Lapel video from the August 27th incident shows Officer Zachary Christensen roughing up an 11-year-old girl at Mesa View Middle School.

It’s an incident that sent shockwaves through the Farmington police force.

“That’s not our standards. That’s not who we are,” said Farmington Police Chief Steven Hebbe.

Officer Christensen spent the past four years assigned to Mesa View as a school resource officer.

The incident in question involved a sixth grade student who was in trouble for behavioral issues.

The day of the incident, school administrators can be seen on the lapel video following the girl around campus as she waits for her mom to pick her up from school.

“This morning, she went straight to the cafeteria. She took more milks that she was supposed to. She threw a milk on the ground,” Officer Christensen says in the lapel camera footage.

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