Elementary school students learn leadership skills at Lighthouse Team Summit

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Leaders start as young as elementary school. 

“It helps people in your community, it helps people in your school and it could help the whole world,” said 4th grade student Cora Partington. 

Nearly 200 elementary students from 15 different schools in our area attended a leadership summit today. 

“If schools didn’t have leaders like us it would be chaotic,” said 6th grade student Brooklyn Chaffin. 

The kids learned skills from how to give a proper handshake, to public speaking while giving a presentation, to using teamwork to build a fort. 

“If you learn how to greet somebody properly it can help cuz you’re probably gonna greet a bunch of people throughout the rest of your life,” said Partington. 

Warren East high schoolers facilitated the workshop…some remembering when they went through the program themselves. 

“We actually haven’t done this since my 7th grade year. I got to be a part of it, so it’s kind of cool to be back, be apart of it now, leading it,” said student Maude Forester. 

And it’s a big deal to be selected…the school’s leader teams are made up of 20 students or less.

“They’re selected based on their social skills, grades has a lot to do with it, how much you care about your work,” said Forester. 

Even though they’re beginning their education, they’re never too young to be a leader. 

“I just think that you instill it at a young age and it comes easier at the high school age. If you teach someone how to have a conversation and how to work well with others, it’s easier as they get older. You’ll always use those skills even after high school,” said Forester.