Edmonson County Sheriff’s Office will be getting a new K-9 soon

BROWNSVILLE, Ky. – After the tragic and sudden loss of the Edmonson County K-9, Tango, the sheriff’s office is collecting money to purchase a new dog.

“I want one that can be petted on and loved on by the girls up front and the kids at the schools. You know, that’s a very special dog that we have to find,” said Edmonson County K-9 Deputy Jordan Jones.

A special dog to find to take the place of another very special dog.

Tango was only five years old when he died back in June.

Now, Jones is working to raise the funds for a new partner.

Tango was a German Shepherd, but the new K-9 deputy will be a Belgian Malinois.

It will cost upwards of $20,000 to purchase a new K-9 and train him for duty.

Jones told WNKY K-9s keep deputies safe and are an essential part of the sheriff’s office.

Jones hopes to have the dog patrol ready by July.