Don’t drink and drive: Local woman shares husband’s story in hopes of saving someone

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-If you’re planning on having one or more drinks on New Year’s Eve, don’t get behind the wheel.

“We know that New Year’s Eve is a big night for people to celebrate and we know that people are oftentimes partying and drinking involved in the partying,” said Bowling Green Police Department PIO Ronnie Ward. 

You could destroy someone’s life and family in a single instant. 

“It can affect other people, and completely innocent people,” said Ward. 

Local woman Melinda Campbell lost her husband Michael on January 10, 2015. 

“On the way home, he was struck by a drunk driver who was driving the wrong way on 1-65,” said Campbell. 

He had attended a concert in Nashville and never returned home. 

“I started calling around and it was shortly thereafter a deputy showed up at my house and they asked me to identify him via body markings,” said Campbell. 

This drunk driver left Melinda a widow, and her two boys fatherless. 

“Today is my son’s 19th birthday. His 8th one without his dad and there’s just been a lot of life events that would’ve looked different for my boys if their dad had been here,” said Campbell. 

It’s tough to tell her story and relive those memories…but she hopes by doing so, she saves someone’s life. 

“There’s nothing at this point we can do to bring Michael back, whatever I can do to share and hopefully keep someone else from making a poor decision. The lady that killed my husband made a conscious decision that night to get in a car,” said Campbell.