Decision 2020: Obama Makes Push For Young Voters

Former President Barack Obama will makes his first appearance on the campaign trail for Joe Biden Wednesday night as part of a push to appeal to young voters. NBC's Alice Barr reports.

(NBC News) — With less than two weeks to go until election day, the Trump and Biden campaigns are focusing on a handful of battleground states, including Pennsylvania, where Wednesday night former President Barack Obama will make his first appearance on the campaign trail for Joe Biden.

The former president is making a new appeal to young voters.

“In times as polarized as these, your vote doesn’t just matter, it matters more than ever before,” Obama says in a video posted to Twitter.

President Trump made his pitch in the Keystone State Tuesday.

“Pennsylvania, you got to get out. You know, if we win Pennsylvania, we win the whole thing,” he told supporters.

Mr. Trump on Wednesday heads to another critical swing state he won in 2016, North Carolina, for his seventh visit in the past two months.

Democrats are also making a play for North Carolina, with Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris campaigning there Wednesday as well.

“Ours is a campaign that has probably built one of the broadest coalitions of any campaign in recent history,” Harris told supporters.

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