Crystal Onyx Cave is one couple’s hidden treasure

Kentucky is known for its variety of beautiful caves.

Most are familiar with Mammoth Cave National Park and Lost River Cave in Bowling Green.

However, there is one that hides along interstate 65.

It’s called Crystal Onyx Cave.

It’s hidden under the cell towers atop historic Prewitts Knob.

The current owners Scott and Sara Sendtko would frequently visit the cave with their sons.

They loved and admired the cave so much, they eventually purchased the cave from Bluegrass Cellular.

For three years, along with their sons, the Sendtkos worked tirelessly to refurbish and maintain the cave.

Crystal Onyx Cave boasts unique formations with up-close exposure to every single one.

Each tour allows for 12 people only, giving visitors an intimate experience inside the cave.

This is the first year Crystal Onyx Cave has opened under the ownership of the Sendtkos.

Through social media, they hope to spread the word about their prized possession miles from Cave City.

The cave is open every day from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, 11:00 AM to the final tour at 8:00 PM central time.

If you would like more information on Crystal Onyx Cave, click here for their website.

You can also call them for exclusive tours or group rates all year at 270-773-3377.