COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Trigger Mammogram Warning

Post vaccine side effects can mimic symptoms of breast cancer. KVLY's Bailey Hurley reports.

(KVLY/NBC News) — The COVID-19 vaccine is causing fear for some women, as their post-shot side effects are mimicking those of breast cancer.

Just a few days after Beth Nokken got her first dose of the covid vaccine, she woke up to unexpected lumps near her armpit.

“And one was the size of a golf ball. So that can be extremely concerning to someone,” Nokken says.

While it was a surprise to find the swollen lymph node, Nokken, a chiropractor, had done her research and knew it was a possibility.

“Swollen lymph nodes are something that occurs as a body’s natural response to building up antibodies, or a response to a vaccine,” explains radiologist Dr. Allison Clapp.

Clapp says the swelling will show up in your mammogram, but says that’s no reason to cancel an upcoming appointment. Instead, she says to just let your doctor know which arm you got your vaccine in and they’ll handle the rest.

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