COVID-19: Is The Worst Still Ahead?

With the number of infections once again climbing at a rapid rate, infectious disease experts warn the "darkest days" of the pandemic may still be ahead. NBC's Jay Gray reports.

(NBC News) — The number of coronavirus infections is climbing dramatically across most of the country, with doctors warning we may see the worst of this pandemic in the coming months.

“They are really getting to the point where it’s going to be literally unsustainable,” warns Dr. Todd Vento of the Intermountain Healthcare Infectious Disease Program.

In 38 states and the District of Columbia COVID-19 infections have jumped by at least ten percent in the last two weeks; 30 states show an increase of 25 percent or more.

“I think the next 12 weeks plus are going to be the darkest weeks of this entire pandemic for us,” warns Dr. Michael Osterholm, director of the Center For Infectious Disease Policy at the Univiversy of Minnesota.

There are a number of potential factors, including colder weather keeping people inside, where the virus easily spreads and families gathering for the holiday season, with many becoming more lax when it comes to masks and other precautions.

Still, experts say we can reverse the current upward trend.

“There is a lot we can do about this if we just take on our own responsibility and do what it will take to protect my family and the people I am around,” Dr. Osterholm says.

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