Covid-19 impacts graduation plans

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-Graduation is a big part of every student’s life, especially for high school seniors. Covid-19 has left school hallways empty, and what’s usually an exciting month of May will be much quieter.

The Warren County School District is hoping to keep a traditional graduation ceremony on the table, just in case. However, school officials say it isn’t likely to happen.

“We’re approaching that time frame for graduation, which is currently scheduled May 22 and 23. We don’t believe that we’ll be able to hold a traditional ceremony on that date,” said Warren County School District Superintendent Rob Clayton.

This means districts may do what the world is now doing, and go virtual.

“One of those popular ideas out there is the idea of a virtual ceremony or some type of other recognition that could occur,” Clayton said.

In Glasgow, the Glasgow Independent and Barren County School Districts are also planning for potentially virtual experiences.

“If we go with a virtual graduation, we will incorporate many of the traditional aspects of our in-person graduation,” said Glasgow High School principal Amy Allen.

Barren County is currently utilizing social media for seniors to send fond memories from years past, in order to keep the positivity flowing.

“I just think the district is trying really hard to not just say the year is over. We’re really trying hard to maintain some of those wonderful occasions that seniors get to participate in,” said Barren County High School senior advisor Kelley Bauer,”.