Coronavirus: U.S. deaths top 50,000

(NBC News) The United States hit another devastating milestone Friday. More than 50,000 Americans have now lost their lives to coronavirus.

As researchers race to find treatments, with nothing yet approved, President Trump is facing a barrage of criticism for suggesting scientists look into injecting disinfectants into the human body as a cure.

Less than 24 hours after making the comments, Mr. Trump backtracked.

“I was asking a sarcastic, and a very sarcastic question, to the reporter,” Mr. Trump Claimed.

The manufacturer of Lysol says it’s already gotten questions about using its products as a treatment and issued a firm warning reading in part “under no circumstances should our disinfectant products be administered into the human body (through injection, ingestion or any other route).”

President Trump also suggested researching exposing the human body to internal light and heat as a possible treatment.

His own task force coordinator saying she’s seen no evidence that would work.

Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration is warning doctors against prescribing a malaria drug widely touted by President Trump as another possible treatment. Studies so far have shown scant evidence it’s effective in treating coronavirus, but has enough dangerous side effects to warrant serious concern.

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