Coronavirus puts new focus on distance learning

As schools close their doors to stop the spread of COVID-19, learning continues online. NBC's Dan Scheneman reports.

(NBC News) — Schools across the country have closed due to the covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, but in many districts online classrooms are open.

Many teachers are embracing remote learning tools after their schools closed their doors.

Khan Academy is one non-profit organization offering free tools to help educate students.

Founder Sal Khan suggests students new to distance learning start gradually.

“If students can even get two hours a day, one hour of reading, one hour of math, that’s a great start that will make sure those kids aren’t atrophying those muscles,” he says.

Virtual classrooms can be interactive, and Khan says it’s a good time for parents to get involved as well.

“Don’t answer the questions for them, but ask ‘Have you looked at the choices? Let’s navigate here,you already know this now we can work on that…’ I think that can help students build the right patterns,” he says.

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