Controversial Family Court Judge Mitchell Nance’s Last Week in Office

This Saturday marks the last day on the job for controversial Barren-Metlcafe County Family Court Judge Mitchell Nance and at least five are reportedly interested in taking over his position.

Judge Nance issued an order in April stating he would not hear adoption cases involving same sex couples.

The Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission filed charges against him for the order and shortly after he announced his resignation with the final day being December 16th.

According to the Glasgow Daily Times, at least five attorneys have submitted their names as possible replacements and the County Judicial Nominating Commission will meet on December 20th to review those.

From there, they will send three choices to Governor Matt Bevin and he makes the final decision on who will serve as interim judge.

In the next general election, voters will decide who will finish the last half of Nance’s eight year term.