Confiscated puppies are not up for adoption, other ways to help

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- The Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society is currently housing many dogs, confiscated from an alleged puppy mill in Alvaton last week. 

But Humane Society staff are urging the public to not fill out applications for adoption just yet. 

“At this point the dogs are being housed here but we’re literally just a housing facility so we’re not allowed to accept applications on them at this point. They’re being kept clean and warm and fed and being taken care of but we’re just kinda waiting for an update,” said BGWCHS Operations Manager Leah Lawrence.

They do not have legal custody of the dogs, and won’t have custody unless a court approves it. If approved by a court, the dogs will then go up for adoption. This could take weeks or months. 

While people are waiting, Lawrence still urges people to take home one of the shelter’s adoptable dogs. 

“Whenever a situation like this happens, we’re in a tough spot if we’re full. So if we have open kennels because dogs have been adopted, then we have room to help with situations like this,” said Lawrence. 

Warren County Sheriff Brett Hightower says this incident has brought other issues in the area up to the surface including an unrelated report of a possible puppy mill. 

“I was contacted by another lady. Her name remains anonymous at this particular time. But she said ‘I saw the story and there’s another woman that kind of has a puppy mill going,’” said Hightower. 

He says the loose animal protection laws in Kentucky are a factor in the behavior. 

“We just want people to understand a couple things. One, the laws that protect animals here are not very robust in the state of Kentucky. And number two, if you’re going to be dealing with buying and purchasing animals you really wanna do your homework on it,” said Hightower.  

There are a number of area animal shelters to adopt, not shop, for a pet. 

In the meantime, people can help out by donating or volunteering at the Humane Society. Visit their website for more information here.