City of Bowling Green urges residents to keep it clean to protect drinking water

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- City officials in Bowling Green are teaching residents about an initiative called Keep it Clean Bowling Green.

They want residents to remember that the city is known as a karst landscape with many caves below the surface.

It means anything left on the ground is carried to the nearest sinkhole by rainwater.

Through the sinkholes, the trash travels through a series of cave passages before it finds its way to bigger bodies of water like Barren River, which the main source of water for people in this area.

Bowling Green environmental manager Matt Powell said Keep it Clean Bowling Green offers programs for kids to get educated on this effort.

“We do litter pickup programs, we do community trash cans, all those kinds for things are under the keep it clean program. We do training with children, we take 6th graders out to streams and teach them about stream health,” Powell said.

Anyone wanting to get involved in Keep it Clean Bowling Green can visit for more information on how to help.