Churches prepare for a virtual Easter celebration

MUNFORDVILLE, Ky. – COVID-Nineteen has caused most churches to move services online for several weeks now. But this week marks the first major holiday for many, with Passover and Easter both falling squarely in the middle of a quarantine across Kentucky.

Many churches will continue to stream Easter services online. That has caused churches to make an extra effort to be sure members of their congregation know where to find their services, whether it’s on Facebook, YouTube or other sites.

And one unexpected problem: churches having services blocked because of copyright concerns when it comes to playing religious music.

But Munfordville Baptist Church’s Pastor Paul Hines says the number of those watching the online services have been reaching more than the “regular” congregation.

Pastor Hines also said the Southern Baptist Conference held a Good Friday prayer event online today as an additional way to celebrate the holy week and that Munfordville Baptist Church is planning a special worship service for the first Sunday after Kentucky’s social-distancing order is lifted.