Chaney’s Dairy Barn is honoring Miss Glimmer

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – After 17 years of love and care from Chaney’s Dairy Barn farmers, a cow legacy has been laid to rest.

Wednesday night, Miss Glimmer, an icon for Chaney’s, passed away in the loving care of her family, Carl Chaney, Debra Chaney and Dore Baker.

She was a star with curious little kids and the spokes-cow for the farm.

Ms. Glimmer holds a very special place in many people’s hearts.

According to Dore Baker, the cow herdsman at the farm, the Chaney’s encourage the public to post pictures and stories of their experiences with Miss Glimmer over the years on their Facebook page.

The Chaneys plan to have a memorial plaque at the barn in honor of Ms. Glimmer and will change June’s Miss Glimmer Appreciation Day to Miss Glimmer Memorial Day for next year.