Brother of murder victim thankful to see justice carried out

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The family of a murder victim in Bowling Green spoke with WNKY about what it has been like dealing with their loss.

The brother of the 23-year-old who was killed on January 10th in Warren County said he and his family are thankful to see justice being served.

Early that Sunday morning in Bowling Green, police responded to a scene on East Main Street where a young man had been shot multiple times.

That man, later identified as Tayveon Bibb, died at the hospital shortly after.

Bibb’s brother, Troy Halcomb, told WNKY he was in shock when he heard the news.

“Honestly, Tayveon, he’s one of the strongest people I know. So when I heard he got shot, I was thinking, okay, shot, obviously that’s bad, but we are going to get through this, you know. I didn’t think that I would hear that my little brother was gone. It was definitely, obviously, the hardest moment of my life. I was kinda, like, numb. I didn’t know how to feel. I never, never in a million years thought that I was going to have to bury my little brother,” said Halcomb.

He had just seen his brother, hours before.

“That Saturday, I didn’t know at that time when I came to my mamma’s house and talked to Tayveon, I didn’t know that that would be my last time, you know, and I regret that. And I took it for granted, you know,” said Halcomb.

In just over a week, police took Antwan Britt and Dederic J. Anderson into custody.

Both men are charged with murder.

“Watching like movies and stuff, I never really understood what closure really meant. I would always think like, dang, their loved one is dead. How does someone going to jail for life or whatever, make them feel better? But I completely understand now knowing that justice is being brought to my little brother,” said Halcomb.

According to Halcomb, Tayveon received quite a few flowers at his funeral.

But, he wishes people would use this as a reminder to give people their flowers while they are still alive.

“Tayveon should have been celebrated everyday he was alive, you know. Every day he was alive and smiling in your face, he should have been celebrated. I think that is one thing we don’t do enough is give people their flowers while they are here,” said Halcomb.

Halcomb also told WNKY he finds peace knowing Tayveon is in a better place, where Halcomb says he will see him again one day.

Both Britt and Anderson will appear in court for a preliminary hearing next Wednesday.