Breakfast buddies: squirrel and groundhog share morning meals

Rhode Island man's backyard feeders have become a regular meeting spot for an unlikely pair of friends. WJAR's Sam Read reports.

KINGSTON, R.I. (WJAR/NBC News) — In a wooded area of Kingston, Rhode Island lots of animals call Homestead Circle their home.

The same goes for Ronald Lopes. He and his family moved to the area about a year ago to be closer to the beach, and now enjoys the animals as well.

“It’s actually pretty cool to watch,” Lopes says. “It’s like a show in my backyard because there are so many different animals since we’re secluded.”

A few months ago, Lopes hung bird feeders all around his backyard.

The birds were very receptive and then he noticed more squirrels and chipmunks had been coming around.

A few weeks ago, he bought a miniature picnic table and put it next to the one he and his family use.

“I got it to feed the squirrels and chipmunks. Everyone sees them as nuisances, but I like watching them. They’re actually pretty funny to watch,” says Lopes. “So, I get up in the early morning and they wait and when I come out there, literally five minutes later, they all come on the deck eating out of the picnic table and eating out of the bird feeders.”

A few weeks ago, Lopes said he witnessed a beautiful breakfast date.

First came a squirrel and then the groundhog that’s been living under his porch.

“Never seen it before, never seen anything like that before,” Lopes says. “They kind of settled down and started eating together, which I think it pretty cool.”

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