Brand-new school rating system goes online in Kentucky

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-A project in the works for years has finally been revealed.

The Kentucky Department of Education has unveiled a 5-star rating online database, where parents can check to see how K-12 schools in the state are performing.

Dr. Gary Houchens with the Kentucky Department of Education said he’s thrilled about the new tool.

“Like the rest of the state, I was very excited to see our performance ratings now that the new accountability model is fully implemented, and to find out how are schools are doing,” Houchens said.

Schools are rated with one star being the lowest, and five stars being the highest. The ratings take into consideration several factors, including proficiency in multiple subject areas, attendance rate, and graduation rate.

School officials like the Superintendent of the Bowling Green City Schools Gary Fields said having access to this information will help them point schools in their district in the right direction.

“I think we’ve gotten some really good data from the department of education on our state assessments from last spring. The important thing for the community to know is that the schools are going to take this information, and they’ve already been diving into it,” Fields said.

If a school has fewer stars than others, Fields said it’s no cause for alarm. In fact, it’s a way to stay ahead in making improvements.

“That’s the most important thing for us. How can we be better each day to help our kids be better,” Fields said.

For the high star rated schools, Fields said it’s an indication to recycle successful methods, all to better the students.

“I think that our teachers are constantly looking at whatever the school scored. If it’s one of our four-star schools or a two-star school in our district, they’re looking at it going, how do we do it better today than we did yesterday,” Fields said.

Local parents say they are looking forward to checking out the database.

“I’m really excited about it. Transparency is a good thing, especially when you’re dealing with a large group and how we better ourselves. I think that’s a really good thing,” Said parent Clint Young.

As of now, the Kentucky Department of education plans on revealing the 5-star rating report annually.