Bowling Green students participate in Bus 2 Business Day

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-While buses normally take students to school, Bus 2 Business Day gives those students a chance to trade classroom experience for workforce experience.

Bus 2 Business Day is a statewide initiative that seeks to provide an outlet for students to check out the real world for themselves.

On Wednesday, Bowling Green High School students took a trip to Afni, a global contact center. The College and Career Readiness Coach at Bowling Green High School Destiny O’Rourke calls it a golden opportunity for the students.

“Kids always need an opportunity to connect what they’re learning in the classroom to what they can experience in their careers in the future. A chance for them to get in and see everything firsthand, it’s the best kind of experience for students. They really get a chance to connect to their own futures and see how their core content really can help them long term,” O’Rourke said.

In addition to shadowing the Afni workers, students also had a chance to get their questions answered, which they say, added to the overall experience.

“What I’m currently in is the marketing and business career path, and I feel like knowing what goes on behind all the work stuff would be useful for me going to college, along with a chance to actually work here,” said Bowling Green High School junior Brianna Yates.

“I feel like it’s going to help me because I’d like to go into business and marketing and management. Being able to interact with customers would help in the long run,” said Bowling Green High School freshman Salone Houle-Jego.

O’Rourke said her hope is that these students will always be thinking about the next step.

“I’m really hoping the student see how important transferable skills are, so they’re learning a lot about communication firsthand, and why it’s important,” O’Rourke.

Programs like Bus 2 Business stand to fuel the passions of the students and staff, which is why they want it to continue.

“I think that it’s going to grow over the years and I’m excited to expand and see new organizations through this opportunity,” O’Rourke said.

Across the state, 1,300 students from 30 schools visited 32 businesses in 26 counties.