Bowling Green Henkel plant shuts down to address COVID-19 concerns

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- After at least four of  its workers tested positive for the coronavirus, the Henkel plant in Bowling Green has temporarily suspended its operations.

A company spokeswoman confirmed the news Tuesday afternoon to WNKY through the following statement:

While we have taken significant measures to safeguard our employees, we will cooperate fully with the Kentucky Labor Cabinet to understand their feedback and to take appropriate actions that may be necessary so we can resume production of laundry detergent products that are so essential to society to help consumers maintain home hygiene during this crisis. We remain committed to help lower the probability of virus spread in our community.

Henkel is a global leader in laundry, home care, beauty care and adhesives and is the largest operation in the South Central Kentucky Industrial Park.

As of Tuesday evening, Warren County had 52 positive cases of the coronavirus.