Bowling Green Fire Department’s Touch a Truck Tour this weekend

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Bowling Green Fire Department is giving the community a unique opportunity to raise money.

BGFD will host the Touch a Truck Tour on Saturday and Sunday at all 7 stations around the community.

The tour consists of finding one personalized sticker at each of the stations, then turning in a sticker card with all 7 for a chance at winning a personalized station tour, which includes lunch or dinner with a crew member, a ride in the truck and more.

100% of the funds received from these tours will go directly to Crusades for Children, which helps those with special needs.

“We respond to people on their worst days. And your family is our family and we like to do whatever we can to raise money, to support the community, to help the community, to be there for the community. And so this fundraiser is important to us because it gives us that chance to collect money and give it directly back to our community,” Katie McKee, Public Information Officer for the BGFD says.

The tour runs from 7 to 5 Saturday and Sunday. However, crews may not be available at all times.

The 7 stations are:

  1. 701 E 7th Ave
  2. 1101 Woodhurst St
  3. 150 Bennett Ln
  4. 835 Morgantown Rd
  5. 250 Porter Pike
  6. 201 Cherry Farm Ln
  7. 385 Lovers Ln