Big V, former frontman of Nappy Roots, visits The Buddy House

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A local artist visited The Buddy House Monday and shared his love for music.

Big V, the former frontman of the multi-platinum hip hop group Nappy Roots, stopped by Bowling Green to chat with members of The Buddy House.

The Buddies at Down Syndrome of South Central Kentucky were in for quite the treat as Big V danced and rapped with them. He also shared his story to encourage the buddies.

“Music is the core of our being here at the Buddy House,” said Stephanie Morton, executive director at Down Syndrome of South Central Kentucky. “Our guys, they love to dance. They love to sing.”

She says that it’s great for them to see someone local that has made it big and can show them that they can do anything they want.

“So we all relate to music, every walk of life,” Big V says. “To be in the circle and a part of the energy, that’s what it’s about for me.”

DSSKY provides social and educational opportunities, as well as extended therapies for those with Down syndrome in south central Kentucky.