Biden Makes Final Pennsylvania Push

Pennsylvania could hold the key to victory for Joe Biden...and remains his campaign's main focus in the final hours ahead of election day. NBC's Sarah Dallof reports.

(NBC News) — Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is making a final push for votes in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania in the final hours of campaigning, sharpening his attacks on the Trump administration’s handling of the pandemic and pitching his own plan for the future of the country.

Democrats lost Pennsylvania in 2016 by about 44,000 votes, and with 20 electoral college votes it could be the tipping point this election.

“We’re going to win Pennsylvania and we’re going to show the world what American stands for,” Biden told supporters there Monday.

The final NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll shows Biden with a double-digit lead over President Donald Trump, but the race is much tighter, a combined five points in the most competitive battleground states.

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