BGPD travels to Floyd County to pay respects for fallen officers

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-The Bowling Green Police Department is showing respect for the slain officers in last week’s Floyd County shooting. 

Nine members of the BGPD Honor Guard are in Prestonsburg…participating in the memorial services, wakes and processions held for the three officers and police dog that were killed.

This includes 28-year-old Prestonsburg police officer Jacob Russell Chaffins…60-year-old Prestonsburg Police Captain Ralph Frasure…and 60-year-old Floyd County Sheriff’s Deputy William Petry. 

The BGPD Honor Guard arrived Sunday and will be there until the services conclude on Friday. 

“It’s something that we feel honored to be a part of and our guys that go there and are there now…they really can’t describe the respect that’s being shown to these two agencies,” said BGPD PIO Ronnie Ward.  

Officers from all over the state of Kentucky have traveled to Floyd County to show their support.