BGPD: Intoxicated Woman Driving Erratically With Flat Tire, 11 Year Old Son In Car

Police arrest an intoxicated woman driving erratically through Bowling Green with flat tire–all the while with her young son in the back seat.

Officers say early Tuesday morning, Leslie Hudson, 35, was seen weaving in and out of the road on Dishman Lane with sparks flying off of the metal of a flat tire and with no head lights or tail lights on.

Upon stopping her, police discovered Hudson’s 11 year old son in the backseat with no seat belt on.

They say Hudson’s eyes were bloodshot, pupils enlarged, and she couldn’t provide information on how long she had been driving on the flat tire.

Once in custody, she acted erratically and refused her blood to be drawn for drug or alcohol testing.

Police transported the Hudson to the Warren County Regional Jail.