BGFD battles downtown fireplace fire

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- On Sunday this past weekend, firefighters responded to a fire in downtown Bowling Green. 

Residents of the house at 410 Woodburn Street who were renting the house escaped with no injuries. 

Six trucks responded to the fire, along with two police cars to block off a section of the road in the neighborhood. 

WNKY News spoke with one of the residents who was in the house when the fire started. He said he is grateful to be alive, what’s on his mind is what happens next. 

“I was a little worried, we were trying to figure out what’s going on. And like I said, the fire department got here really quick. So it’s just worrying what all is gonna happen next and where to go,” said the resident Jan Liwoch. 

The Bowling Green Fire Department reported that the fire started in the fireplace of the house.