BG-WC Drug Task Force director and detective receive prestigious awards

He’s dedicated over a decade of service to our community and now he has an award to match.

“Tommy Loving, I think is a pioneer, is the best way to put it,” Chief Curtis Hargett with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office says.

The Board of Directors for the Kentucky Narcotic Officer’s Association has awarded Tommy Loving the Lifetime Distinguished Service Award.

Chief Hargett says, “I think that many drug task forces around the state and even the nation have modeled theirs after Tommy Loving’s here at the [Bowling Green] Warren County Drug Task Force.”

Loving is the executive director of the association and has been the director of the Bowling Green-Warren County Drug Task Force since 1997.

Penny Bowles, Deputy Chief for the Bowling Green Police Department says, “Tommy has been an intricate part of all kinds of drug legislation. He’s been a great resource and he’s brought a lot of training and opportunities to our officers and agency, and actually even the community. I can’t say enough good about him and the service here’s done here with the Kentucky State Police and the drug task force.

The association’s board of directors met privately at their annual conference in Louisville on September 5th and conducted a vote to award Loving, which resulted in a unanimous decision.

The board also named BGWCDTF Detective Matt Travis the Kentucky Narcotics Officer of the Year for the Western District of Kentucky.

Local agencies say you can see Loving and Travis don’t work as hard as they do just do get the job done, they do it, because— “because they care,” Chief Hargett says, “this isn’t just a job for them, like I said it’s a passion. You know, Detective Travis is equally deserving. There’s hundreds of narcotics officers both on the state and federal level that were voted, and Matt was chosen.”

Chief Hargett and Deputy Chief Bowles say they’re proud to work with the BGWCDTF each day and congratulate Loving and Travis on their prestigious awards.