BG 26.2 holds self defense class for runners

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Catching you up on a story that News 40 brought you before…the BG 26.2 running club is doing everything they can to keep runners safe. 

They held a self defense class to teach runners exactly what to do if someone threatening approaches them while running.

This in light of the news that runner Eliza Fletcher was abducted and murdered during her morning jog in Memphis. 

Kevin Taylor from Kentucky Grapplers in Louisville told the runners to take account of your surroundings and stay a good distance away from places you could be grabbed, like cars or bushes. 

Taylor also taught them what to do if someone grabbed your wrist,  came up from behind you, or picked you up. 

“It really piqued my interest because I feel like the world is getting crazy and we need to be prepared. Not really be scared, but be prepared.”

BG 26.2 plans on holding more self defense classes in the future.