Bear sighting in Smiths Grove- don’t feed or shoot

SMITHS GROVE, Ky.-It’s not every day you see a bear on your evening walk…but for some in Smiths Grove it was quite the sight last night! 

A young, lanky male bear was spotted roaming around the area. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife’s Josh Hart says every June, male bears are  kicked out from their breeding range, which are usually mountain counties in southeast Kentucky. They then wander in search of new territory. 

Hart says that typically two to three bears end up in the south central Kentucky area every summer…they make a big loop and are back in eastern Kentucky by fall. 

He said no matter what- don’t feed the bear directly or indirectly….meaning letting him eat out of your garbage or yard. 

It is illegal to shoot the bear in this part of the state. Hart says if you spot him keep your distance and just appreciate the rare sighting! 

“Number one thing is to consider themselves lucky. I mean not many people are gonna see this bear. So it’s something that’s interesting, that not all the folks in the South Central Western Kentucky area aren’t gonna get to see everyday,” said Hart.

Hart says by tomorrow he’ll probably be in the next county…young male bears are always on the move.