Barren County students hear from national expert on the importance of math and science

GLASGOW Ky.- Students at the Barren County Innovation Center heard from a member of the Congress-authorized Stem Program Advisory Panel Tuesday.

Vince Bertram spoke to students about Project Lead The Way, which is a nonprofit organization that gives students a chance to take a more interactive approach to learning.

Project Lead The Way has trained over 65,000 teachers and millions of students in schools all across the nation. Bertram said he’s very excited about the educational growth of the next generation, thanks to Project Lead The Way.

“Just seeing tremendous growth and seeing the opportunities we’re providing for students, these are students aspiring for great careers and developing skills throughout our programs to access those careers, so that’s very fulfilling and exciting for me,” Bertram said.

Bertram also emphasized the importance of getting behind Project Lead The Way, as it will prepare the students for much more than just tests.

“We have to, as a nation, provide the country opportunities that are engaging, inspiring and empowering for them, rather than trying to convince them that they’re learning math and science to take a test. Once they understand the relevance of learning, I think our students are capable of doing amazing things every day in our schools across the country,” Bertram said.