Barren County students begin computer science in kindergarten

GLASGOW, Ky.- It’s national computer science education week.

Some schools have some sort of computer science classes, but Barren County Schools is leading the way by implementing a variety of computer science education courses into their curriculum starting at kindergarten.

“We understand where the economy is going. We understand our students have needs, if they are going to be productive members of the future work force,” said Barren County Schools project manager Justin Browning.

Barren County Schools take pride in their innovative approach to education and preparing students for the future.

Students start learning basic computer science skills in kindergarten.

 “We really want to encourage our students to be critical thinkers and persevere through the problems they might see. We also make sure they have that collaboration and teamwork. So together we can do that through coding. We know that learning computer science and exposing our kids to that at a young age allows them to have all those soft skills and develop those soft skills as they work together,” said Red Cross Elementary School Principal Michael Davis

Kindergarten students are learning these skills by using block-based programming.

As students progress, they are taught how to program and code a variety of devices including robots.

 “I learn how to code on ‘hour of code.’ There is tons of different games on ‘hour of code’ that you can do. I also learn how to code dash and the unicorn robots,” said Red Cross Elementary School student Kennady Rush.

“I enjoy creating it and telling it what to do, like the coding. You can make it do whatever you want it to do by coding it,” said North Jackson Elementary School student Briley Aidala.

Barren County Schools is one of the few districts to provide computer science classes from kindergarten through high school.

“We are not just trying to build coders and programmers, we are trying to build innovators and computer science is a part of that innovation. Our goal is to make sure that every possible door is open to these kids. If they want to be programmers, absolutely. If they want to be tech geniuses, absolutely. If they want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, absolutely. If they want to work here locally with companies designing websites, we want to provide that opportunity as well,” added Browning.