Barren County & Logan County introduce time capsules

KENTUCKY – 1973 may be long in the past, but that’s not stopping one county from revisiting it.

In South Central Kentucky, the new craze seems to be opening time capsules. However, Barren County is starting to make their own to celebrate 2023.

“The time vault will be stored in the courthouse… our new courthouse will be on display there with the items being able to be displayed like this through the glass on the front of it. Right now, we have some church directories. We have some events that have went on. We have a flag that was actually a commemorative flag that was folded in honor of this, the 50 year vault that we’re putting together,” Jeff Jobe with the Barren County Progress says.

This is the first time capsule that Jobe is aware of in his years with the Progress.

“The reason we’re extending it to December 20th, that’s the actual birth date of our county. That’s when it was actually established. So December 20th is the actual day we become 225 years old… We’ll walk it to the courthouse so it’ll stay in a government building, it’ll be there and we’ll probably rope it off so people can come see it and look through there and see some things they recognize,” he says.

Meanwhile, Logan County is opening their capsule from 1973 and creating a new one to be opened in 2073.

“A couple of months ago, it was brought to our attention that there was a time capsule buried on September 22, 1973 and it was meant to be opened in 50 years. So to kick off our Tobacco and Heritage Festival, we will be opening the time capsule on September 22, 2023,” Polly Steenbergen, Executive Director of the Logan County Chamber of Commerce says.

Polly has noticed a unique trend when it comes to time capsules in the year 2023.

“You often hear of 100 year time capsules. It’s kind of more rare to hear of a 50 year time capsule. Many of the people who were there when this was buried are still around. So that’s exciting for them to be able to look back and see what was buried and how far things have changed in just a short 50 years,” she says.