Barren County jail implements new ankle monitoring program

BARREN COUNTY, Ky.- The Barren County Detention Center has begun its first ankle monitoring program. 

The program was created to help people who come in on child support warrants, who may not have any other charges, serve their time on an ankle monitor allowing them to work.

Sometimes there is only one child support hearing per month, so if the person has to stay in jail until that hearing it means they are out of work and not making money for that time. 

If the person has a job and qualifies for the program, then the ankle monitor will enable them to go to work and help them make their child support payments. Candidates for the program will have their job, housing and transportation verified before beginning the program and the court judge will make the final decision. 

Barren County Jailer Aaron Bennett said why he had wanted to start the program and how long it took to get it together. 

“It always bothered me as a person that this person is trying to do the right thing and now they’re in jail because they got put behind on child support. So it’s always been something I wanted to do, but looking at the different companies and what fits us best here in Barren County, it probably took about six months,” said Bennett. 

Bennett said the program may also be used for patients who have been hospitalized. Before ankle monitors, a deputy would have to guard the inmates when they are in the hospital, but the monitors will alleviate that. 

The initial hook up fee of the program is $40 and then there is a daily $11 fee for the inmates.