Barren County High School seniors preparing for life with portfolio interviews

GLASGOW Ky.-Combining High School with the world after High School. Barren County High School seniors are working on life in the real world. Students are creating digital portfolios and presenting them to school personnel and community partners from different career backgrounds.

“I’m very grateful for being able to get the opportunity to do something that I know I’m going to have to do in the future. My school being able to allow me to do that is a great thing,” said Barren County High School senior Kacie Roeder.

“It gets you really prepared for the future, to have that website and to set you apart from others,” added senior Emma Snyder.

During the interviews, students present their portfolios which include personal websites, school achievements and current jobs. Students say the chance to shake hands and meet professionals is something that can’t be missed.

“There’s nothing better than an actual interview with real people. I was lucky enough to get an interview with Kobe Aluminum, I had two representatives in the room when I interviewed. I was lucky that they asked me a lot of questions, and they gave me the opportunity to ask them questions as it would be in a real interview. It was very professional,” said senior Hunter Green.

The project encourages students to think hard about how they’ve grown over the last 4 years, and how they’ll use the Barren County High School ethics when they graduate and begin their career.

“They’ve blown me away. The students have just dug in and gone out of their comfort zone in so many ways like asking for those letters of recommendation,” said senior English teacher Kelley Bauer.

Barren County School District director of nutrition services CheyAnne Fant was one who conducted interviews, and she says she’s thankful to see the students take advantage of this opportunity.

“I am so appreciative that Barren County High School has just really latched on to all of the things that we know are going to make students successful. They’ve embedded the profile of a Trojan with teamwork, collaboration, initiative, and communication. All of these are things our workforce asks for,” Fant added.

As the world becomes increasingly more digital, students and staff say this is a great way to emphasize using technology to their advantage.