Barren County Fiscal Court Discusses Needle Exchange Program

On Tuesday, the Barren County Fiscal Court opened discussion on the Syringe Exchange Program, but the vote was put on pause.

Judge Executive Micheal Hale put a pause on the topic after a roughly ten minutes presentation by the director of the Barren River District Health Department.

That doesn’t mean the program won’t reach Barren County though.

The Syringe Exchange Program went into effect in 2015, allowing drug users to swap their dirty needles with clean ones and it’s all anonymous.

Dennis Chaney, Director of the district health department says the goal is to clean up communities, decrease the opportunity for diseases to spread due to sharing of needles, inform users of resources for help, and to provide disease testing,

“If we can educate ourselves as individuals and as a community about what the consequences of those things are, then overtime when we work together as a community, we’re going to improve our overall health status.”

About 30 communities in Kentucky have begun practicing the program, but Warren County is only 1 of 8 in the Barren River District to do so.

Judge Hale says he put the vote on pause and asked that the court’s administrative committee look into it further and come back with a recommendation, because there is a lot of information to take into consideration.

The law requires that the board of health, county government, and city government must approve before the program can be implemented.

WNKY will keep you updated on this story as it develops.