Barren County Area Technology Center ready for a new year

GLASGOW Ky.- Renovations for the Barren County Area Technology Center are complete and just in time for the start of the school year

The Barren County Area Technology Center now features an up to date learning environment. The biggest addition to the center is the inclusion of a diesel shop.

The diesel shop will provide new learning experiences for those in the tech related fields.

It was added to accommodate for the growing student population, and to provide the most beneficial learning environment possible.

Principal of the Area Technology Center Ashley Burd said she’s excited to finally have this project ready to go.

“I’m very grateful that I get to be here every day, be a part of this, and be a part of something that is great for our students, and it brings excellent partnerships with our community, our students, our parents. It’s all about relationships and partnerships,” Burd said.

The new diesel shop will also be utilized for those enrolled in classes at South Central Kentucky Community and Technical College.