Barr In The Hot Seat

Attorney General William Barr defends his decisions on deploying federal forces against American protesters, the Russia investigation and court cases involving President Trump's allies during testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. NBC's Jay Gray reports.

WASHINGTON (NBC News) — Attorney General William Barr faced the house judiciary for the first time Tuesday.

During hours of contentious grilling, Democrats questioned the attorney general’s actions and motives on several controversial decisions, including the Trump administration’s decision to send federal officers to Portland and other cities dealing with sometimes violent protests.

“You have consistently undermined democracy, undermined the constitution and undermined the health, safety and well being of the American people,” Representative Hakeem Jeffries told Barr.

Lawmakers challenged Barr’s criticism of the Russia investigation, mail-in voting and his involvement in court cases involving allies of President Trump.

The attorney general was unwavering and unapologetic, while often fighting to respond.

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