Ballroom dance duo stars in new country music video by Trace Adkins and Melissa Etheridge

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-You might recognize a local couple in a big-time country music star’s new music video. 

“The scenes are like alright take twenty for devan, take two for brooke, great moving on,” said Devan McClish

Brooke and Devan McClish own Ballroom Dance Studios in Bowling Green. 

They are the stars of Trace Adkins and Melissa Etheridge’s music video for their single ‘Love Walks Through the Rain’.

“It was extremely special because we could be raw. We could lean into each other and have our moments that were just very very raw,” said Brooke. 

The newlyweds got the unexpected call from the Trace Adkins team this summer.

“I got a call on our honeymoon from his video director. I had worked with Chase in the past back in 2020 and I did one of his music videos. And he’s like hey can you guys shoot this very emotional piece. I was like sure we’re just dancing. We showed up and it was an acting slash dancing piece,” said Brooke. 

As soon as they got off the plane, they immediately went to the studio and shot for 13 hours straight.

“All of our luggage was still in the car,” laughed Devan. 

The song is about the ups and downs of marriage…something every couple goes through. 

“The story’s actually talking about a married couple that goes through the hardship of marriage and then they end up making it through,” said Brooke. 

They hope their story in the music video inspires some people in the community to pick up ballroom dancing. 

“We’ve had students in their 90s doing ballroom dancing,” said Devan

 “And it’s a way to connect. Anyone can dance with anyone, all it takes is ‘can I have this dance?’ Then you dance and form a story on the floor,” said Brooke.