Attorney General/Republican Candidate Daniel Cameron appears in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Attorney General Daniel Cameron made a stop in Bowling Green Monday to rally support for his campaign. During his stop at the Hyatt Place on WKU’s campus with his wife Makenze, one of the key points he emphasized was his plan for a new education system.

“Education is really important to me, and Makenze was a Oldham County school teacher for seven years, and we certainly believe that teachers have a home within the Republican Party and want to make sure that we do everything we possibly can to let them know that,” Cameron says.

Cameron also shared what he’s looking for in his running mate for the governor position.

“I think somebody that obviously can help on a number of levels, but we’re in the process of considering who that person might be. And when we have a decision, you’ll know,” Cameron says.

Meanwhile, on what would’ve been the 30th birthday of Breonna Taylor, a press conference in Louisville opposes Cameron.

“What happened to Miss Taylor, I haven’t heard a person in Kentucky who does not describe what happened as a tragedy. My responsibilities as attorney general is to defend the laws and apply the laws that exist here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. I’ve offered and told people I’m going to do my job without fear or favor and that is what I think people respect about me personally is that I will do the job without fear or favor, and I’m going to lead on issues and take action on issues that this governor has not done anything on,” Cameron says.