Arts of Southern Kentucky unveils SKYPASS: Arts Access for All, Removing barriers

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-The curtain has been lifted on a new service provided by Arts of Southern Kentucky during an announcement Tuesday morning. SKYPASS: Arts Access for All will provide tickets to those on financial assistance from the state, and it goes for most SKyPAC, Orchestra Kentucky, and BG OnStage performances. The goal…to make sure everyone can attend performances regardless of income. Director of Development Denise Lubey was thrilled to make the announcement.

“It just says to me that we are truly saying that the arts are for everyone in the community, regardless of the situation that you’re facing right now,” said Arts of Southern Kentucky director of Development Denise Lubey.

The conversations began when Craig Browning of U.S. Bank began speaking with Orchestra Kentucky before the big merge. The implementation of the program was slowed when the pandemic started. Fast forward to 2021, where it finally comes to fruition after the merge creating Arts of Southern Kentucky.

“We’re this bigger organization now, what might we be able to do to really offer the arts not just the orchestra programs, but the theatre programs, country programs, Christian concerts, everything that we have here is now open and available to those in need as well as those who can afford to pay,” Lubey said.

Education Director Elise Charny says this is great news for the children who have been unable to take in the world of theater due to barriers.

“As the education director working with the students and young people in the area, I can’t be more excited to get these out, especially to the little ones for me,” Charny said.

Charny emphasized the added benefits of expanding the opportunities to see performances, saying these can have lasting impacts.

“It’s important for development for young students, help with public speaking, getting over that stage fright, learning how to be comfortable in your body. From the theatrical side, it just gives you a window in so many people’s lives,” Charny said.

Members of this performing arts organization want to remind the community that sponsors, and individual gifts are always appreciated, to ensure programs like this can last a lifetime.

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