Arizona Homeowner Kills Naked Intruder

Investigators say the man was found in a child's bedroom, and rushed the homeowner while swinging a large chunk of wood. KPNX's Mitch Carr reports.
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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (KPNX/NBC News) — Police in Scottsdale, Arizona are investigating a string of attempted break-ins that ended Thursday night when a homeowner shot and killed a naked intruder in his home.

Investigators say a man was working in an outbuilding on his property when he was alerted to something by the family dog.

The man began to check the property, armed with a shotgun. When he entered the room of one of his children, he was confronted by a naked man, who charged at him with a large piece of wood.

The homeowner fired two shots, killing the intruder.

Scottsdale police say the same suspect had attempted several break-ins in the same neighborhood earlier in the evening, and had been chased away by at least one other homeowner.

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