Amber Clare’s uncle rejoices; wishes brother-in-law life in prison

BEAVER DAM, Ky. – Amber Clare’s uncle James Hock is a different, much happier man Thursday night compared to his last interview with News 40 on Monday.

“There’s a lot of sobbing going on. I mean everybody was just overjoyed with excitement,” Hock said describing his family’s reactions to the found children. 

Hock is driving to Beaver Dam, Kentucky Thursday night, waiting in anticipation to see his niece when she lands in her hometown. 

“We’re gonna shower her with the most love and affection you can ever think,” Hock promised, “I mean, the fight doesn’t stop here. You know, she’s got to get some professional help and hopefully the best help. So that’s what we’re going to push for. That’s where our path is taking us for right now.”

Hock said the first text he got today was that Noah and Amber’s loved ones were on planes to California. A few minutes later, his next text said their flights were paid for.

“It’s just amazing the level of support that this family’s had both families had and we just thank you all for it,” Hock said.

Hock said he wants nothing more than to thank Julia Bonin, the woman who trusted her momma-bear instincts and found these kids.

“I’m just so happy she turned around when she was dropping her son off,” said Hock. “I’m so happy she thought twice to just go make sure, and I just am glad there’s people out out there like her.”

When News 40 asked Hock if he ever could imagine a relationship with his brother-in-law Jake Clare again, a strong ‘No’, was instantaneous.

“All I hope for him is that he spends a long time in prison and never gets out,” Hock said.

Hock said even though the kids are found, the fight is not yet over.

He invites people at home to join him on this next leg of his journey by calling their state representatives and asking for a crack down on Amber Alert laws in hopes of creating more happy reunions.