Alfonso brings professional experience to Barren County Baseball

GLASGOW, Ky. – For Derrick Alfonso baseball in the bluegrass state has been his life’s work. As a player, the Alfonso name was well known in Bowling Green, so when the opportunity came for him to coach at Barren County, it was a no-brainer.

“It was just kind of a right time right place type of deal,” Alfonso said. “It just so happened that the job came open, kind of unexpectedly.”

A catcher for the Warren Central Dragons, Derrick was always vocal to his teammates, being a key leader for his team. A coach in the making from a young age.

“Derrick was a coach on the field,” Former Warren Central Baseball Coach Sean King said. “I mean, he understood every aspect of the game, as a young guy. There was no doubt he was gonna go into coaching.”

After two years in the Milwaukee Brewers organization, Alfonso hung up his cleats.

“Minor League Baseball is cutthroat you know, it’s not what everybody thinks of when you think of professional baseball, you think of, you know, private flights and people taking your bags, places and things like that. It just wasn’t meant to be,” Alfonso said.

But he wasn’t done with the love of his life, Baseball. Alfonso is now instilling the skills he learned in the College World Series and at the professional level, to the next generation of players. And they seem to be soaking it all in.

“I mean, he’s ready to go all the time,” Barren County Pitcher Cameron Cook said. “He just pushes us to do more things be greater, like he’s pushing me to play college ball, and I love it. It’s great.”

“He’s gonna bring something that not all coaches bring in,” Barren County Pitcher Jameson Buie said.  “That’s the mentality of being able to go out there and expect to win every day and doing whatever it takes to have his team succeed. And I’ve seen that from him in the dugout, and that practice, and now I’m starting to see it from my teammates and myself, so he’s made a huge impact on all of us.”


While this is his first year at the helm, the bluegrass baseball legend is paving the way for the future of Kentucky baseball for generations to come.

“It’s been an eye-opener in some aspects, but in other aspects has been in kind of exactly what I expected it to be,” Alfonso said. “And the kids have been eager to learn and eager to get better. And that’s what I like that’s why I do it.”