Airport offers high flying incentive to benefit Toys for Tots

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Bowling Green Warren County Regional Airport is taking offering a high flying incentive to the public to help out Toys for Tots this year.

With COVID-19 causing layoffs, furloughs, and other financial burdens on families, Janel Doyle, the local coordinator for Toys for Tots expects a higher volume of gifts requested this year than ever before.

“We’ve never been able to serve anyone without the community’s support, so we are really depending on the community this year. I know we have had a lot of new businesses come on board and ask for boxes. I think the community realizes the need is going to be more also. I think, without the community support we are not going to be able to do it. We have to have that,” said Doyle.

The airport manager, Susan Harmon is hoping to help.

“We just always want to make sure that every kids has a toy to open at Christmas to put a smile on their face and let them know that somebody out there is thinking of them,” said Harmon.

If you donate to an airport Toys for Tots donation box and let the airport know via social media or by phone call, every $20’s worth of toy donations will enter you for a chance to take a flight around the city.

That pilot, Justin Tidwell, is excited for his company, Flywell Aviation, to be a part of this incentive.

“Collectively Susan had the initial idea and then we just kind of brain stormed just a little bit and put our minds together to think of something that, you know, donate a little more than they may donate, you know, in the past. It’s not everyday that you get to donate toys for children and it be for a good cause and then get a chance to take a ride around Bowling Green as well,” said Tidwell.

Pilots will likely enter the contest as well.

If a pilot wins, the reward will be a little different. They will receive a free flight review, worth about $100, and $40 in donated gas for their aircraft.

The last day to drop off toys and be entered into the Bowling Green Warren County Regional Airport contest is December 16.

Toys for Tots just opened up their phone line to take requests for gifts for this Christmas and the line is already swamped.

If you would like to donate, head to the airport and find a donation box.