36th annual Great Turkey 5K Run

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-What better way to prepare for a thanksgiving feast than to run a 5k before it?

“I can do this and eat an extra piece of pie,” said runner Peggy Sturgeon. 

“Burn off the calories so you can eat all day long ya know!” said BG Running Club Vice President Kevin Coomes. 

The Great Turkey 5K Run kicked off for the 36th year in a row at Kereiakes Park….500 runners laced up their sneakers and lined up at the start. 

“We’re blessed to sell it out just about every year and we’ve done that,” said Coomes. 

All of the proceeds from the race go back into our community, helping student athletes reach their goals of running in college.

“It builds health and wellness and gives an athlete a chance to move through life with scholarship money,” said Coomes. 

It was a great excuse to dress up for some. 

“It all started at halloween, we had full blown costumes. Then we said let’s do it again on thanksgiving! ” We just kept adding on. We said look at the hat, look at the gloves, look at the bows,” said runner Jenny Stice. 

And a family tradition for others…

“I think since she was probably about five, we’ve been coming when we can and we’ve had these hats since pre-covid, but this is the first time we’ve all been back together to wear them,” said a member of the Mriner Family. 

Starting today at noon until tomorrow, if you register for next year’s race you get a free BG running club membership!